Staycationing: The Hyatt, City of Dreams

You don't need to step into the casino to have an amazing time in this 5-star hotel


This mommy needed pampering. I have to admit- even supermoms (and wives!) get burned out, too, and I just needed some time away from my usual routine. So, for the first time since Little Chi was born, I decided to go on a staycation. With Matt, of course, for my personal amusement. 

City of Dreams would not have been my first option if you asked me a few months ago. I'm not a gambler, and for some reason I got it in my head that all their restaurants are expensive. Luckily, I was able to visit the Cafe at the Hyatt a couple of times and got to enjoy their amazingly-priced food and world-class service. Plus, I heard from another writer that out of all the City of Dreams hotels, Hyatt has the best rooms. I'm so in.




One of the three hotels at the posh gaming and entertainment complex City of Dreams in Pasay, it was built on the reclaimed area that used to be part of Manila Bay. Its just 5 minutes away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminals, especially with the new NAIA highway. It's also a few minutes away from Mall of Asia and the CCP complex. 

Being a new development, it's not surrounded by busy streets and a flurry of activity you would expect in a cosmopolitan city. City of Dreams does have everything you might need and has plenty of things on offer to keep you occupied. 



We stayed in a Club Deluxe Room and I immediately regretted not bringing Little Chi with us. It was truly massive, with floor-to-ceiling windows, 50-inch flatscreen tv, sitting area and coffee table, and just lots of space for a toddler to frolic. Just as I mention this to Matt, he looks slightly hurt and says, "why? You're already bored with me?" Of course not, Matt. So I just got myself back on relaxation mode and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

It was easy to feel transported with the view from our room- the sprawling pool area with its sparkling blue water, fountains, and cabanas reminded me of The Wynn at Las Vegas. And, I must mention, our room when we stayed there was not as big our room at The Hyatt COD.


What to do


Aside from the obvious allure to local and international gamblers, Hyatt COD is really just a great, reliable five-star hotel with a sturdy, world-renowned brand to back it up. Aside from the stellar accommodations, it has all the bells and whistles such as the pools, gym, spa, and restaurants. Since we stayed In a club room with club access, we could avail of all-day snacks at the club lounge. We did partake of their cocktails from 6 to 8 pm where we had several pours of French sparkling wine with cheese and crackers. The dimsum, too, was quite good.

City of Dreams houses some pretty impressing labels for those who care to shop. Kids would love Dreamplay- a children's activity area where they can pretend to work. I know- kids are insane. They have no idea. But, seriously, everyone I know who has kids says that Dreamplay is worth the trip. For adults who like to play, there's Chaos- COD's plush superclub. And for those who enjoy eating more than imbibing, there are several restaurants to choose from.  


What to eat


Oh, so much food! The Cafe is arguably the most underrated buffet in Metro Manila and I have been to many. Their Sunday Brunch is incredible value for money, which includes unlimited pours of sparkling wine, some cocktails, sodas, and juices. The food itself is quite the draw- I personally indulge on their seafood bar, Chinese, Indian, Italian, and dessert stations.

If buffets aren't your thing, you can hop all over COD and take your pick of their international cuisine.

Matt and I might have missed our little dumpling, but our stay at our Hyatt was definitely restful and indulgent. The service is truly five-star and the amenities are more then adequate. I would highly recommend it to staycationing families, lovebirds looking for some quality time, and even the perfect excuse for a layover in Manila.

For more details or to book your own Hyatt COD getaway, check out their website:

By: Jaclyn Clemente-Koppe

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