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Treat yourself: Prime Rib Weekends at Wolfgang's Steakhouse, Newport Mall, Pasay

28-day dry-aged prime angus, roasted to perfection and plenty to share!

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Wolfgang's Steakhouse
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28 days dry aged prime angus
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Located at 2/F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City

The invite fell on our anniversary. As much as I love my KTG buddies and enjoy their company immensely, I wanted a proper date. I told Matt about the invitation to a prime rib dinner at Wolfgang's and- having been there with colleagues- he said, "well, we should go." He promised to still take me to dinner the next day for our one-on-one celebration.

The Wolfgang's Steakhouse in Manila is actually a joint venture between Raymond Magdaluyo's restaurant group and owner Wolfgang Zweiner. His son, Peter, is currently President and Managing Partner and works closely with global partners like Raymond in maintaining the quality and standard of the their respective local branches.

If you are to have a private party, you should book the private room. It is cozy yet elegant with plush seats and crisp linens. Smokers can have a puff at the cigar room.


Their starters are what you would expect from a traditional American steakhouse. The Mushroom Soup, Mixed Green Salad, and Tuna Tartare is as they should be- no frills and no nonsense. If you are not a heavy eater anyway, I suggest you forego this course altogether. 


But, the steaks are every bit the star. The prime rib, at least, which is what we were served that evening. Same as all the cuts served in the restaurant, it is at least 28-days dry aged in their temperature and humidity controlled room. If you get to go inside that room, you'll smell the funk of aging meat, and if you're a certified carnivore, it's the scent of pure bliss.

When the sides were brought out, we knew the prime rib was on its way. Besides, I could smell it all the way from the kitchen, and I knew it was ready. They rolled it in and it was a behemoth. There were at least 20 of us there and I wasn't even sure if we would be able to finish it.

But, more important than the size was the quality and flavor of the meat. Cooked rare, the meat was well-seasoned even without the jus. The dry aging does make a huge difference and I understand how it could be an acquired taste. Aging not only tenderizes the meat but also enhances the meatiness- there is a certain brawny quality to its flavor that might put off casual meat eaters. But, for the KTG- veteran carnivores all- it was a treat.

The creamed spinach stood out among the sides, but a good roast needs its potatoes. Wolfgang's mashed potatoes is basic and does the job.

So, we almost wipe out the T-Rex they served us. I'm not sure why I even doubted it for a minute. What surprised me, though, was I had room for dessert. It was a good thing, too, since Raymond, the Wolfgang's staff, and our lovely foodie friends surprised us with a slice of Wolfgang's famous New York style Cheesecake. I vaguely remember Tiramisu and Chocolate Mousse being served, and there was fruit, too. But, that cheesecake.

The sommeliers seem to be getting a bad rep for pushing the pricey wines, which is too bad since steaks must be enjoyed with a good red and guests shouldn't be intimidated into spending more than they are willing. Do check out the drinks list as you will find decent, reasonably-priced house wines there by the glass and some elaborate cocktails, too.

So glad we decided to celebrate our anniversary with such wonderful people! Thank you to everyone there who made it so special.


Black and white photo by Donny Elviña

For inquiries and reservations regarding Prime Rib Weekends, please contact Wolfgang's Steakhouse at +63 920-821-9247 / +63 995-610-2361, email wolfgangssteakhouseph@gmail.com or visit www.facebook.com/WolfgangsSteakhousePH/.

By: Jaclyn Clemente-Koppe

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