Party ideas: Cheese buffet by La Petite Fromagerie

Why hasn't anybody thought of this before?

Karla Reyes- heiress to catering giant The Plaza- has just come home from her culinary courses in Manhattan and she couldn't wait to apply what she learned. We had a taste of it during her mom's (The Plaza boss lady Millie Reyes) birthday dinner at their home. Karla was clearly in charge of the kitchen that night- while her mom entertained, we caught a glimpse of the usually cheery 20-something sternly giving instructions to her staff.

While she is clearly tasked with continuing The Plaza's impressive run and steering it towards its next 50 years, she's not resting on the cushy family business. She's had her Swizzle Mobile Bar for a while now. And just recently she launched what must be the "why-didn't-I-think-of-that" of the year- a cheese buffet business called La Petite Fromagerie. So simple in a sense that the products are all locally available already, it's just a matter of composition, which as all seasoned party hostesses know, is what makes or breaks your cheese platter.

Karla shows us how it's done right- with a combination of soft to hard cheeses- from mild to nutty and sharp; parmesan wheels cradling cacio e pepe fritters; an addictive truffle cream cheese spread; a fondue bar, perhaps; all with a wide assortment of nuts, dried fruit, honey, and crackers to pair with the rich, luxurious selection.


But, what will surely have your guests scrambling over each other is the raclette station. A heat lamp melts a half wheel of raclette- a Swiss semi-soft cheese- then when the top is oozy and bubbling, it is tilted and scraped into a waiting plate laden with boiled potatoes, gerkins, and pickled onions. What could possibly top that?

Talk is cheap. Actually, there's absolutely no need for any kind of sales talk or suggestive selling. Even price wise, its so reasonable you cannot say you can't afford it. Le Petit Fromagerie is the party essential you never knew was, well, essential.

By: Jaclyn Clemente-Koppe

For inquiries and bookings, you can reach La Petite Fromagerie at (632) 7256205 or (63) 9177912865. Follow them on Instagram (@lapetitefromagerie) and Facebook.

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