Modern Filipino: Locavore BGC

Brunch, oyster sisig, and alcohol - what's not to love?

Tokwa baboy pato lengua
Sizzling sinigang
Pan de Regla waffles
Turon con leche
Duck Lugaw
Pan de Sal loaf and liver spread
Oyster sisig

Located at G/F Forbes Town Center, Forbestown Road, Burgos Circle, BGC, Taguig

It's always a struggle to drag Matt out of the house to eat Filipino food. He just doesn't get it. In his mind, there is no reason to pay someone to do something which someone else does better FOR FREE. I'm flattered, of course, but the truth remains that I cannot cook like Mikel Zaguirre. His Locavore in Kapitolyo, Pasig has become a food destination and for many good reasons. Matt and I drive there to eat, and yes, it's because I cannot do Filipino food like he does it.

After much prodding, Locavore had finally opened a branch at BGC and it is every bit as good as the original. Probably a bit better since they are open for brunch, and you all know that I love me a good brunch.

Along with our buddies The Last Don and Dude for Food, we shared some of the new dishes as well as the classics.

The Pan de Sal Loaf with Liver Spread is a good place to start- the pork floss and adobo-flavored spread benefits from the sweetness of fresh grapes. The Pan de Regla Waffles is a good idea, however ours, unfortunately, was quite chewy and we felt wasn't worth the effort.


Our frowns were quickly turned upside-down by the much talked about Duck Lugaw. It is as good as it looks- rich, complex, yet homey, it's what my arroz caldo dreams are made of. The foie gras is not an affectation- it really does make sense mixed into that soft boiled egg. Paired with the TBPL- their version of Tokwa't Baboy- it's the runaway champ of their brunch menu.


Brunch with men means a substantial meal, and in Filipino terms, this means ulam. Locavore's Binagoongan is large chunks of pork belly cooked in shrimp paste and gata, then topped with a green mango salad. Of course, the bestselling standards made the lunch table- their Oyster Sisig and Sizzling Sinigang. And, yes, with extra rice.


The only Pinoy dessert Matt loved was Leche flan, until he came across Lovavore's turon con Leche. That's fried banana and langka in puff pastry, drizzled with copious amounts of salted egg dulce de gatas. You must, even if you barely have any room left in your stomach.


As of posting its still hard to get a table any time of the day at the new BGC branch. Come early and have some of their cheap cocktails or local craft beers, sit at the bar until a table is ready. Try to make a reservation, if you can. It really is Filipino food worth getting out of your pajamas for.

By: Jaclyn Clemente-Koppe

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